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“Dr. Randall has been our family dentist since we moved here fourteen years ago, and we couldn't be happier with the level of service and the standard of care that we have experienced. No one really wants to go to the dentist, but she has created an environment and a team that is professional, friendly and most importantly does excellent work, so making the experience the best it could be.

“Being British, my teeth left a little to be desired in terms of their overall look, which affected my confidence and my willingness to smile. Working with Dr. Randall and the ‘smile design’ process, we undertook an extensive makeover that included 13 crowns, which allowed me to not only transform the look of my teeth, but boost my overall self-confidence. It is one of the best investments I have ever made!” – Steve

“Dr. Randall's personal and professional family dental practice has been putting beautiful and healthy smiles on the faces of my family for more than 20 years. From my 91-year-old father to my two-year-old granddaughter, we have all been benefactors of the personal and caring attention that Dr. Randall and her staff provide. My father always spoke highly of her professionalism, thoroughness of explanations of care, and her intelligence. My daughters were raised with her and her staff's gentle care, and now are entrusting my grandchildren with the same care that is stretching over the four generations of my family. My husband and I have moved many times over the course of his career. We have visited more than a dozen dental practices in many states. Dr. Randall has been amongst the most professional and well respected. We trust her expertise and knowledge and highly recommend her practice.” – Mary

“I've been going to Dr. Randall for more than ten years and am always impressed not just by the professionalism and skill she and her staff possess, but by their genuine interest in their patients. Appointments are more like visiting with friends than getting dental checkups!” – Annette E.

“I write these comments just a few short hours after having a root canal done by Dr. Randall. My family and I have been patients of the team at Eller Road Dentistry for many years now. Visiting the dentist is really more like going to a family get together, only you come out with your teeth bright and shiny. The crew at Eller Road is incredibly fine and caring people. They prioritize the wellbeing of the patient. Never have I been more aware of this than now. Even though I put off seeking treatment for my toothache, Dr. Randall never judged me. I mentioned the pain to her when I went in for a routine cleaning and she and the team immediately made a diagnosis and a treatment plan for me. As a medical professional, I truly appreciate the skill with which Dr. Randall executed the root canal procedure. She incorporates technology to streamline treatment. Medicine is definitely an art and a science, and Dr. Randall and her team include both when providing exceptional care.” – Janie, RN

“Dr. Randall and her staff have helped me so very much with my dental care over many, many, years. When my TMJ became intolerable, Dr. Randall did extensive testing and fitted me with a comfortable appliance that has finally allowed me relief. The appliance has relieved my jaw pain and allows me to sleep while protecting me from further damage and pain.

“The appliance provides double duty for me. You see, Dr. Randall provided the appliance that not only treats TMJ, but has been able to help me with sleep apnea as well. I have always received the most personal and respectable care from Dr. Randall and her staff. I enjoy seeing their smiling faces every time I visit. I have enormous appreciation for you all! Many THANKS from a pain free patient!” – Kendra S.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Randall's practice for 18 years and can't imagine going anywhere else for my dental needs! My experiences with the practice have always been pleasant and consider the whole staff to be just like family to me! I started going to Dr. Randall as a single and now have grown to a family of four. I believe the professionalism, kindness, caring, and knowledge of their staff is what brings us back. From the first day my girls came to visit Dr. Randall until 12 years later, they have never been nervous of receiving dental care from Dr. Randall or her staff. I would highly recommend Eller Road Fishers Dentistry to family or friends for all their dental needs!” – Cheryl P.

My family and I have been patients at Eller Road Fishers Dentistry for more than 18 years. I have yet to have a complaint. The practice is very cutting edge. If there is a better technique, they are one of the first to use it. I have complete confidence in Dr. Randall’s expertise.” – Bill H.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Randall's for almost 20 years. Dr. Randall has walked me through cavities, the merits of flossing, and even a root canal. I have been educated on sealants for my children, why orthodontic consults are necessary early on, and the power of scheduling your next appointment so you don't compromise dental health. In all of these interactions, I have found Dr. Randall and her staff to be courteous, professional, and above all, kind. 

“I have seen Dr. Randall's practice grow throughout the years I have been a patient. I believe the success of Randall dentistry is based on continuing education. As a patient, I am always informed of new technology being used, new screenings that have been implemented to preserve my oral health, and options for cosmetic dentistry as well. In fact, it was Dr. Randall who diagnosed me with sleep apnea based on additional certification she has recently acquired.

“I would highly recommend Eller Road Fishers Dentistry. I have had nothing but positive experiences in their care.” – Angie Z.

“I moved to Hamilton County, IN in the spring of 1997 and found Dr. Lisbeth Randall as my dentist shortly after my arrival to the area. Because of extremely sensitive teeth and gums, I schedule cleanings every three months, which means that I visit the dentist four times per year rather than the two visits that most people are used to. During this entire time, I have NEVER been kept waiting for my appointment! If I schedule a 9:00 visit to Dr. Randall for a cleaning or a checkup, I am seated in the chair with the scheduled procedure underway at 9:00 am as promised.

“My experience with other health care providers (and many suppliers in general) has not been like my experience at Dr. Randall’s office. Many doctor visits consist of a 20 to 30 minute delay in the exterior ‘waiting room’ only to be moved to an interior examination room where I sit for an additional ten to 15 minutes until the doctor arrives for our scheduled appointment (typically at least 30 minutes AFTER the scheduled appointment). Technically, I don’t think you can even call the outer room at Randall Family Dentistry a ‘waiting area’ unless you realize it is for the other people that may actually arrive with the patient to drive them to or from their appointment!

“The staff at Randall Family Dentistry is always friendly and professional, and they have been a huge help in navigating the nuances of the ever-changing landscape of dental/medical insurance. They work with me to ensure that my out of pocket expenses are kept to a minimum while providing the services that are a critical part of maintaining a healthy mouth! Everyone at the office is part of a well-managed team and it shows in the way they greet the patients and work with one another. I highly recommend Randall Family Dentistry for anyone looking for a positive customer experience as well as a highly skilled dentist and staff!” – John H.

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